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 Lord of the Flies is set during one of the world wars. A bunch of young boys are being transported via airplane from England to escape from the war. When the airplane crashlands on an island, they find themselves helplessly lost, with no adult in sight. One of the older boys, Ralph, takes leadership immedietely after another boy named Piggy found a conch shell on the beach. He uses it to call the other boys (Ages 6-12) scattered throughout the island. Characters such as Simon, Samneric, and a group of "Littl'uns", or, kids aging from 6-7, gather. A group of choir boys that were led by a boy named Jack Merridew offer their services as hunters. In the same day, Jack encounters a wild pig, but cannot kill it. He promised next time to be emotionally stronger so as to kill the young piglet.


Later that night, Ralph calls a meeting. He sets down some rules that all of them have to abide by, such as that whoever is holding the conch may speak. Then, everyone is suprised when a littl'un with a birthmark on his face speaks of a beastie. Once everyone heard this, they all started to get worried and afraid. Piggy was the only boy did not believe in the beastie. That was the first and last time they ever saw that child. The next day, Ralph suggests that first they would need to build a fire to alert other boats that they were stranded. Using the lense from Piggys glasses, they create a fire, but end up burning half the island in the process.


Ralph then suggested building shelters to protect themselves from the forces of nature. While Jack and this choir boys were hunting, Ralph and Simon were building huts alongside the beach. With Jack and his choir boys out hunting and all the littl'uns playing all day, Ralph felt he and Simon were the only ones trying to help everyone. When Jacks gets back from hunting, an argument ignites between Jack and Ralph. Jack protested that hunting is more important, which made Ralph furious with him. As this is happening, Simon heads deep into the forest, where he found a calm relaxing place he calls his own.


We see Roger throwing sand and rocks at the littl'uns, which suggests that he is an evil and immoral being. Jack then calls him over to help paint his face for the pig hunt. As Ralph and other littl'uns were swimming at the beach, they see a ship in the distance. When he looked up towards the mountain, he noticed that there was no smoke. Jack and his band had left the fire out. As Jack and his band of hunters come back triumphantly with their first kill, Ralph then yells that because they were hunting instead of watching the fire, they lost their chance of rescue. A fight ensues, which results in accidently breaking one of Piggys specs. Later that night, they roast the pig, and eat it while doing a tribal dance.


Another assembly is called, in which Ralph mentions that work isnt getting done. He is talking to deaf ears, as all the younger children are still afraid of a beastie in the jungle. Jack says to the kids that he has checked the entire island, and that there is no other places it could be. Then a littl'un told of a horrid beast that emerged from the forest (Which was Simon coming back from his resting place). Another littl'un claims that he saw a beast that came from the ocean. Simon then says that there is no beast, its just us. All the kids start laughing and joking at the thought of his absurd idea.


As the war outside of the island is still going on, a fighter plane was shot down. The pilot ejected from the burning plane, but didnt survive. The strong wind carried the parachuter through the forest, frightening Samneric. An assembly is called, which Samneric tell what they just experienced about this "beast from the air". Jack comes to the conclusion that they must hunt it, before it hunts them. Ralph, Jack, and the choirboys set off for Castle Rock, which they have not yet explored.  Once they searched the area, Jack suggests that they should make it into a new fort. They find boulders, which they hurl over the edge into the water. Ralph nudges them forward to check the rest of the mountain for the beast.


While the boys were looking for the beast, they found traces of a boar, so they instead go and hunt the animal. They found the boar, but the didnt have the chance to kill it. Another tribal dance was presented, using a boy named Robert as the pig. They then began to hit and slap their spears at Robert, actually hurting him. Even Ralph participated in this act of barbarism. The boys then finally moved towards the mountain which they thought the beast was living. Ralph sends Simon back to the beach to tell Piggy that they wont be back for a while. The band of boys scale the mountain looking for the beast. When Jack reaches the summit, he sees a the creature moving (the wind picking up the parachuter), and he runs away, scared for his life.


After the encounter with the beast, Jack calls for an assembly. They tell Piggy, Simon and all the other littl'uns about their experience. Ralph gets Jack angry when he called him and his hunters cowards. Enraged, he questions Ralphs ability as chief, so he calls for a vote. He asks the boys if they think Ralph shouldnt be chief anymore. When no one shared his thoughts, he ran off, claiming that he would make another, better tribe. Not really caring, Ralph and the others decide that since the beast was blocking the smoke from the fire, they moved the fire down to the beach. When they returned, Ralph realizes that most of the older boys went off with Jacks tribe, leaving Ralph, Piggy, Simon, and Samneric to take care of themselves and the littl'uns. As Jacks tribe hunts, they kill a mother pig. Jacks sharpens a stick at both ends, sticking one side of the stick into the earth, and the other side with the pigs head. They claimed it was an offering to the beast. Elsewhere, Simon was in the forest in his tranquil spot when he saw the pigs head in the center of the field. He encounters the pigs head, and he starts talking to it (In his imagination). The beast is called "Lord of the Flies" because of the thick layer of flies surrounding the pigs head. He starts telling Simon of how much fun they are going to have on the island. It goes on by saying that if he tells anyone on the island about the beast, all the boys, even Ralph and Piggy, will kill him. After Simon hears this, he faints.


With a violent storm approaching, Simon wakes up. With the words of the Lord of the Flies still in his head, he goes to see the beast for himself. When he sees it, he realizes that it is indeed a dead parachuter that they were all fearing. With this new insight, he sprints throught the forest, looking for someone to tell. Ralph and Piggy go towards Jacks tribe to talk some sense into him. When they get there, they find that they are having a feast with the pig they killed. Ralph then calls Jack out, saying that fire is the most important thing on this island, and that shelters are a necessity. Jack just waves Ralphs suggestions away with a tribal dance. As before, the person playing the pig (in this case Roger), was getting beated by the spears. Ralph and Piggy get drawn into the ritual themselves. As they were doing this ritual, Simon runs onto the beach with news that there was no beast. Caught up in the moment, the group of boys mistake Simon for the beast. Everyone, including Ralph and Piggy, chase him down and beat him to death with spears and sticks. Ony after they had killed Simon did they realized what they did.


The day after Simons demise, Piggy tries to explain to Ralph that the death of Simon was an accident. He claimed that they just got caught up in the moment. Meanwhile, Jack is busy guarding his fort at Castle Rock. Roger was busy making a lever to drop boulders down on intruders trying to invade. Jack then has a boy whipped for no reason, just to give the impression that Jack has rules, and if you get in his way, you'll end up like that boy. At Ralphs camp, the twins Samneric started to get worried about their situation. Ralph keeps telling them that they made the right choice, and that Jack is wrong. They reside in their shelters for sleep. During the night, they are woken by strange noises outside of their little hut. They soon realize that it is Jack and his group of savages trying to steal Piggys glasses. Jack succeeded.


In the mourning, Ralph decides that he, Samneric and Piggy will go to Jacks fort to try to get the glasses back. When they reach Castle Rock, they are greeted by a firm voice demanding that they halt. Ralph then orders Jack to return Piggys glasses to him, which causes a fight between Ralph and Jack. Jack then orders his tribe to take Samneric and to tie them up. All of a sudden, Piggy blows the conch, pleading to be heard. When he starts talking about everyone having to listen and to obey rules, Roger hits the lever holding a giant boulder, making it crash Piggy into the water. At first Jack was surprised by Rogers action, but he then threatens to do the same thing to Ralph. They chase Ralph into the forest, but give up on Jacks orders.


Ralph has hidden by Castle Rock to evade Jack and his tribe members. At dusk, he crept over to the twins Samneric while they were keeping watch. He tells them of where he was hiding, hoping that they would steer clear of that area. The next mourning, the search begins. At first, the twins suggest to stay away from Ralphs area. But after they get threatened by Jack, they give up their knowledge for their safety. A boulder is rolled down towards Ralphs area of hiding, but misses him. Out of desperation, they set the island on fire. Ralph had to abandon his hiding spot to escape from the smoke and flames. He is pursued throughout the jungle until he reaches the beach where a navy officer was watching them. At first, the man thought they were having "fun and games", but when he saw Jack and his tribe members run out screaming madly holding spears, the had second thoughts. Everyone was then taken off the island with the naval officer.


Jack - "I agree with Ralph. We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything. So we’ve got to do the right things."

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